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Compact MBBR Units

SIRMET S.A. has extensive experience in the field of wastewater treatment and offers integrated, efficient and reliable compact biological treatment units for small hotels and lodgments with 50, 100, 200, 500 and population equivalents.

The systems offered can also be modified to treat sewage in the case of remote residences.

The plants are delivered ready for installation, connection and start-up with all equipment pre-installed into a compact container.

It is the ideal solution for the following facilities:

  • Condos 
  • Small and medium sized hotel 
  • Tourist lodgments  
  • Camping and Camps 
  • Small or Medium-sized housing settlements 
  • Remote military camps

The systems offered utilize the Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) method, which combines the conventional process of activated sludge (suspended growth) with the attached growth of biomass inside special plastic carriers inside the mixed liquor.

Compared to the conventional biological treatment systems, the MBBR technology can achieve high quality effluent using smaller footprint reactors, allowing the re-use of the treated wastewater for irrigation or firefighting / secondary uses purposes.

The effluent quality is such that complies with most environmental legislation in Europe for wastewater re-use.